4 Garden Hacks That Are Budget-Friendly

You’ll find everything you need in a garden center. Did you know that many backyard problems can be solved by storing your tools in your garage or your recycle bin? There are many ways to fix your garden, no matter if it is suffering from poor soil, dry, arid conditions, cold spells, or other problems. Find out our top garden hacks.

You can easily change your plants

This trick will allow you to change out your garden plants without having to lift a trowel. Lay plastic containers directly in landscaping beds. Drop seasonal flowers-pot directly into the hole. The old pot should be removed when the blooms stop coming in or the season changes. Make sure you choose pots that have drainage holes. Mulch can be used to cover temporary plants so they look like perennials.

Cardboard Kills Grass

You don’t need to shovel your lawn to convert it into a low-maintenance plant bed. You can simply cover the grass with cardboard and place the sheets over the grass as shingles. Then, cover the cardboard with compost. Allow the cardboard to dry completely before watering it. Wait. The ground should take two months to develop the soil structure and nutrients that are necessary for you to plant edible or decorative plants.

Garden in a Bag

It’s not lazy gardening, it’s just a time-saver! You can grow a vegetable garden right out of a bag without having to dig or amend poor soil. You can also save time on weeding. This works well for tomatoes and lettuce with shallow roots. Plants with deeper root structures should opt for deep containers or raised beds.

Add a cork to it

It’s easier than ever to sow your seeds. Instead of digging holes in your garden, you can use a garden rake to make a DIY sower. Simply press an old Wine Cork onto each prong, making sure it is as long as your holes are. Then push the tool into the dirt. You’ll have a row of holes left when you pull the tool back up.