6 Work Related Life Hacks, 2023 Edition

These hacks are a game changer for your schedule and you.

We all have the exact same 24 hours in each day.

You don’t see people who have unimaginable success because they have more time. It is because they have found a way to maximize their time and increase productivity, which allows them to compound their success.

These 10 life hacks will help you achieve your goals, whether you want to be more in control of your personal schedule or take your career to the next stage.

1. For everything, set alarms

I know I’m not only one who lives by this mantra: “If it’sn’t in my mobile phone calendar, it doesn’t happen.”

You can manage 10x more responsibilities with less effort, which is what success looks like. This is the result of working smarter and not harder.

As a result, it’s impossible to expect yourself to remember everything when you have more responsibilities. This is a wasteful use of brainpower. It’s easy to set reminders and just show up when you have to. It’s as simple as that.

2. To invite someone to a Google call, please send them a Google calendar invitation.

Based on the above, if someone contacts you to request a phone call or you contact someone to schedule a conference call, send them a Google invitation.

This ensures you don’t forget and the other person won’t either. This shows you are at the top of your game.

You’re organized.

3. You should group your activities together, and not bounce from one task to the next.

Are there a lot of calls you receive this week? Try to get them all moved to one day, then back to back.

Do you have lots of video editing work to do? You can do it all in one go, rather than doing it individually.

Is it necessary to prepare a pitch for potential clients? All you need to do is focus on that, and only the rest.

It’s possible to get so much more done by performing similar tasks over and over again. You get into your flow for a specific activity. You’ll feel exhausted and brain dead if you take a call then edit a video over 40 minutes. Next, respond to two email and then get on another call.

4.  Start with your most difficult tasks.

This golden rule is the mantra of many entrepreneurs.

If you start your day checking your inbox, it puts you in a reactive mode. You react to the day, other people’s requests and not to what you need to do first.

Instead, get started with a challenging task to start your day. You can do the tough stuff early on and save the tedious email tasks for lunch or later in your day. However, don’t spend your precious mornings responding to requests from others.

They will wait. They will wait.

5. Online branding is a way to build your brand.

Are you looking for the best professional life hack?

Personal branding.

People reach out to people who know you well.

Opportunities are available to you when people know your values.

If people understand the value that you offer, they will want to work alongside you (and only with you).

6. Be open-minded and humble no matter how successful you are.

This is a life hack business people rarely talk about.

Let’s imagine that you begin to achieve great success in your daily life. You transform from a hungry, young entrepreneur into an industry star.

Now, what?

Most people find this to be the place where their ego takes over. They see themselves as more important than others. They answer fewer calls, attend fewer meetings. Because they feel they have nothing to prove, they are more distant from the outside world.

It’s an easy way to open doors to opportunity.

As you grow in success, you will have to learn to remain open and humble. Keep saying “Sure, we’d love to have coffee” to anyone who reaches out, assuming they can make the time. Answer all calls, listen to small podcasts, and share your knowledge with others.

Giving is a life hack many people forget about. You will get something back nine times out 10 if you give more.