8 Life Hacks, This Time For: Electronics

There are plenty of life hacks that you don’t know about but can change your life. Here are some easy DIY hacks that will help you manage your electronics.

1. Desk Cables

Are your desk cables always tangled up and messy? Do you struggle to find the right cable every time? This simple life hack will help you end these frustrations: Use binder clips to organize all your cables.

2. Protect your cables

Do you remember charging cables that broke or worn down? These charging cables can be expensive for laptops and smartphones. This top life hack will protect your cables using an old pen spring.


3. An easy way to charge your phone

Did you ever need to charge your phone but lost the adaptor? Use this handy life hack to charge your phone with the USB port at the back of a TV.


4. How to Clean Your Electronics

Computer keyboards and charger ports can accumulate dirt and dust.


5. How to organize your cables

You probably have a lot of cables and wires if you are like most people. This simple life hack will help you organize . You only need a shoebox, a few rolls of toilet paper, and some organizational tools.


6. How to Charge your Phone Anywhere There’s A Socket

Did you ever try to charge your phone only to find that there is no place to store it or that your cable isn’t reaching the ground? This top life hack will ensure your phone doesn’t hang from the cable. You will need a plastic bottle and scissors.


7. How to create safe passwords that you can remember

This real hack will protect your accounts. To make your passwords more secure, use accented letters.


8. How to stop a plug from slipping out of a socket

Urgh! It is just so irritating, right? This is no longer the case. To give your plug extra grip, simply pinch the prongs together.