Adele Shows off Her Funny Side as the Host of SNL

Grammy winner superstar Adele is known for her heart wrenching love ballads, but she also has a flair for comedy. As the host of Saturday Night Live on October 24th, 2020 Adele decided to let her comedic side out, rather than her singing one. It was a treat for audiences, as the singer has been out of the public eye while she completes her next album. But Adele has always been known for her rather unique brand of humor which her fans have seen over the years. Here’s a look back at some of Adele’s top improv moments.

Previous SNL Gigs

This was Adele’s third time hosting SNL, having hosted in 2008 and 2015. Her past two appearances had her both hosting and singing, but this time around she opted to put her comedic acting chops to use. As she has yet to finish recording her latest album, she told the audience she did not feel ready to sing any of her new music. This was one of the rare times that a musician decided to simply act rather than promote an album or a movie. Adele hosted for the simple pleasure of it.

The Golden Globes

In 2012, the James Bond flick Skyfall hit the big screen, with Adele singing the theme song. Her rendition of ‘Skyfall’ was moving, and it garnered her a nomination for a Golden Globe for Best Song, which she ended up winning. When asked about her win after the awards show, she was all laughs. Adele didn’t care about winning at all, she and her friend Ida just wanted to go out, get dressed up, and have a few drinks with the Hollywood elite. Both Ida and Adele had just had babies, and this was meant to be a fun outing, rather than anything serious. A lot of Hollywood does not share this happy go lucky attitude.

Impersonating Herself

Impersonators are a very unique type of entertainer. They dress-up as someone famous, and act like them. Over the years, Adele has had a lot of impersonators and she decided to show-up at an impersonator hotspot as herself, and see if they knew she was the real Adele. The impersonators believed that Adele was just another impersonator by the name of Jenny, and they all shared their love for her music with her. The BBC filmed the whole comedic impersonation segment, and at the end of it one of the impersonator’s asked ‘Jenny’ when she thinks the new album will be out. Adele as Jenny simply responded with, “She’s taking her time.”

Adele loves to poke fun at herself, and we know her new album will be just as fabulous as she is. Adele will definitely have a few sarcastic comments about it when it’s finally released, and we can’t wait to hear the stories behind the songs!