Adele Shows Support for Beyonce’s ‘Black is King’ in New Instagram Photo

Adele has been a fan of Beyonce for quite a while. She’s shown public interest in her music multiple times in the past. They’re even considered friends by many of their fans. As jet-setting women in a tough industry, Adele and Beyonce stand out as role models and pillars for girls and women around the world. As the fight against racism continues, some celebrities make it known that they stand for equality. Adele showed serious support, via Instagram, with a photo dedicated to Beyonce’s new album, Black Is King

In the post, she referred to Beyonce as a “Queen,” and thanked her for her impressive contributions to the world of Art and Performance. Adele is seen with curly hair, wearing similar attire to Beyonce. This comes as no surprise, though, to fans of both artists. Adele previously said she loves Beyonce and considers her a light in the somewhat dark world we live in.

Support During Quarantine

Adele, at 32 years old, recently came out showing serious progress with her weight loss. She lost so many pounds that many people couldn’t believe it was her in the photo she shared on social media. While body positivity is crucial, so is recognizing her efforts to change her lifestyle. It’s truly inspiring.

She seems to have maintained her new weight and avoided what many are calling “Quarantine pounds,” as the lockdown continues. The singer still spends much of her time showing support for artists making moves in the struggle for equality.

Beyonce’s New Album

Adele’s support directly references Beyonce’s new album. This latest installment, called Black Is King’ makes a strong statement. According to Beyonce, it’s inspired by The Lion King, a show on Disney+. She says it’s a “celebratory memoir for the world on the black experience.” 

The Lion King: The Gift is a remake with added messages and lessons for newer generations entering a complicated world. Obviously, Beyonce’s new album also features the latest soundtrack on Disney’s new take of the classic story, and it’s truly inspiring.

Why It Matters

Adele’s comments impact how people perceive Beyonce’s motives. A small portion of the population might consider these motives offensive or unruly. However, Adele can help point out that the actions are in good faith, and only to improve equality as a whole. The profound messages under the surface can make it easier for people to understand the difficulties of the black communities around the world. Adele pushes things further by copying Beyonce’s work and singing one of the tracks, Already, which is included in the film and album. It’s efforts like this that truly make a difference.