Cooking 101: Simple Tips For The Kitchen Lovers

Simple recipes can make great food. These simple tips will help you save time, money, hassle and effort, change the way you cook and eat.

Flip your peanut butter upside-down

It is simple and easy. Your peanut butter jar should be upside down. That’s it. Natural peanut butter, and other nut butters, don’t need any stabilizers. Therefore the oils tend to separate and then move to the top.

With a banana hanger, slowly peel bananas

Banana hangers can prevent your fruit from getting bruised and becoming too bad. The handy device will slow down the ripening process as long it is placed in a place that allows air to circulate freely around the bananas. Your bunch should be kept away from any other fruit as bananas release gases that can accelerate spoilage.

Mash potatoes can be made with a hand mixer

A hand mixer with an electric motor is a quick and easy way to get rid of the repetitive arm work involved in mashing potatoes. Hand mixers are easy to use and provide a lump-free mashing every time.

Microwave pizza with water

Microwaving leftover pizza can revive its dried-out flavor. You will get a gooey, cheesy slice of pizza once more as the water evaporates.

For easy spreading, grate butter

To soften cold butter without having to use it on bread or toast, grate the butter. The grater will make it easier to spread the butter without ruining your loaf. This method can even be used by chefs for perfect buttery pastry.

Massage kale

Massage the leaves before you decide to eat raw kale as a part of a salad. This may sound strange but it will tenderise the hardy greens. First, take the stem off and add olive oil, lemon juice, and salt to the leaf. Next, gently knead your kale with your fingers until it starts to wilt slightly. The greens will get mushy if you overwork them.