Couple’s Wedding Photoshoot Gets A Fairytale-Like Twist After A Monarch Butterfly Joins In

When Drew Parker and Brooke Naumcheff, a West Michigan-based couple, contacted Laurenda Marie for a bride & groom photoshoot, they expected quality pictures. As an experienced professional, Laurenda has produced some spectacular work over the years.
She’s even gone viral before after a precious little deer decided to join one of her shoots. What Drew and Brooke couldn’t possibly imagine is that a wild critter would find its way to their shoot as well. The result? Absolutely magical!

An Unexpected Guest

The couple contacted Marie to put together a beautiful photoshoot to immortalize their union. What they didn’t sign up for were the extras. However, nature apparently had its own plans, and the couple was spontaneously joined by a gorgeous monarch butterfly.

The unexpected guest definitely had no sense of subtlety, photo-bombing pretty much every one of Brooke and Drew’s pictures. Far from being an inconvenience, though, the monarch’s presence gave a downright magical quality to the shoot. Brooke looked like a Disney princess, with Mother Nature letting her borrow the beautiful winged critter for sheer glamor. The world was quick to react to this natural cameo, with the pictures going viral all over social media. What a way to begin a life together!

A Blessing from Beyond

For Brooke, though, the surprise visit from the monarch had a special meaning. Shortly before the couple announced their engagement to the family, Brooke’s beloved grandmother passed away. The young bride firmly believes that her grandmother sent the winged beauty. Brooke’s granny was a huge fan of all kinds of butterflies, but monarchs, in particular, were her favorite. When Naumcheff spotted the characteristic reddish-orange wings, she immediately felt her grandmother’s presence, as if blessing the union from the heavens.

She never got the chance to tell her dear grandma about her engagement to Drew, which must’ve been heart-wrenching. The monarch’s sudden visit felt like a sign from beyond the grave, which deeply moved the lucky bride. A true picture-perfect moment!

Mother Nature’s Calling

Marie was the photographer for the couple’s proposal, their engagement, and their wedding. She’s no stranger to spontaneous visits from animal friends, either. In fact, Laurenda’s work went viral previously, after the adorable intrusion of a deer.

She has a unique ability to produce such natural and inviting shoots – local wildlife can’t seem to stay away. It must be paying off, too, with heaps of free publicity owing to her shoots going viral. Her success is more than justified, though. Truth be told, who wouldn’t want a perfect photoshoot with a magical animal guest? It’s right out of a movie, with magical moments made even more memorable.