Daredevil’s return fixes a forgotten part of the MCU

We have been getting wind of Daredevil’s return to the MCU ever since his cameo in “Hawkeye,” the latest spider-man movie, “No way home,” and in the trailer of “She-Hulk: Attorney at law.” Daredevil has a vast audience base, and it would be frustrating for the daredevil fans if they don’t get to see more of their favorite superhero. Charlie cox is going to play the role of ‘’Daredevil’’ in the new Echo series, and fans are anticipating that he will probably get a massive role in MCU.

The MCU wasn’t always about mystical superheroes with cosmic and magical superpowers. They used to focus more on human superheroes, who possessed super human-like abilities. And thanks to Daredevil, MCU is finally returning to its glorious past and concentrating on street-level superheroes. Many fans prefer a more realistic approach to the plots so that they can relate to the story, and Daredevil will do that. He will be one of the immensely few human superheroes in the MCU and will help marvel retain the fans that prefer realistic plots.
There is still a lot of confusion about the latest “Daredevil: Born Again” series, and the fans are going crazy over it. They are still trying to figure out whether the new series will be a full extension of Netflix’s Daredevil or a new plot. MCU is trying to shift towards making more adult-oriented content by introducing more street-level heroes. Hence, ‘’Daredevil’’ will serve that purpose perfectly and fix a long-forgotten part of the MCU.