DIY Skin Care Ingredients You Should Never Use On Your Face

DIY hacks are becoming increasingly popular. These include everything from building a table to beauty products made with items you’ll find in your kitchen pantry or fridge. While natural DIY products come with a host of benefits, not all of them are good for you. Check out these seven ingredients to exclude from your DIY skincare routine.


Lemons have always been a favorite. They’re packed with Vitamin C, antioxidants, and they even come with antibiotic qualities. However, citrus fruits are highly acidic and can cause hyperpigmentation when used on the skin. 


The chemical psoralen, found in lemons, can leave your face raw and blistered and worsen the condition you want to treat. Rather stick to drinking warm water with lemon in the morning to reap the benefits.

Raw Eggs

Eggs are thought to be extremely useful for the skin. They combat oiliness and tighten pores. However, raw eggs are notorious carriers of the salmonella bacteria. If accidentally consumed, it could lead to infection. 

When it comes to your beauty regime, it’s best to avoid this ingredient altogether. Broken or irritated skin increases the risk of contracting salmonella, too. Rather leave the eggs for breakfast.

Baking Soda

Although baking soda has many uses, cleaning your skin shouldn’t be one of them. It contains a high concentration of alkali, which affects your natural pH level. It also strips your skin’s protective oil barrier, leaving you prone to infection and dryness.


Despite its anti-inflammatory and pH balancing properties, you shouldn’t use apple cider vinegar on your face. While it’s popular as a DIY toner or cleanser, the acidity could lead to inflammation, irritation, depigmentation, and other permanent damage. Reap the rewards by drinking a warm glass of water with a teaspoon of AC vinegar instead.


Toothpaste is considered a quick fix for pimples and acne. This is mainly because of its micro-bacterial properties. However, it dries out your skin and can cause irritation and inflammation. It’s better to leave toothpaste out of your beauty routine.

Body Lotion

Using body lotion as face cream can’t be that bad? Not if it’s only once in a while. However, it’s not ideal as part of your daily skincare routine. It could act as an irritant, as it doesn’t cater to sensitive skin.  Body lotion can also cause blocked pores, outbreaks, dryness, and more. Stick to facial moisturizers that have unique ingredients catering to your skin type instead.


Even though it’s excellent as a hydrating hair mask, mayonnaise isn’t recommended for your face. It doesn’t allow your skin to breathe and clogs up pores. Moreover, its acidic nature could damage your skin further.