Especially For Valentine’s Day: 10 Date Ideas For The Cold Weather

Valentine’s Day is coming. We would really like to celebrate it outside… for example, at the beach. But unfortunately most of the world is in the middle of the winter season. No need to worry! We have prepared for you 10 ideas for fun dates especially for the cold weather.

Enjoy Hot Cocoa together

Two cups of warm cocoa will keep you warm this winter. You can make the occasion even more memorable by making your homemade batch.

Plan Your Next Getaway

Are you still dreaming of warmer weather? For spring and summer, plan a trip to a tropical location. It’s nice to have something to look ahead to.

Take a dance class

A dance class is a great way to add romance to your life. There are many options but salsa and ballroom dancing remain the most popular for couples.

Indoor Picnic

Invite your sweetheart to an indoor picnic. You have the option to make your meal or choose from a variety of take-out options. Don’t forget your picnic blanket

Enjoy a Happy Hour at Your Home

It’s too cold to go out to drink cocktails. Mix your favorite cocktails at home. Then enjoy a delicious home-cooked meal or takeout.

Visit Your Favorite Book Store

You can spend hours looking at books, talking to one another, and drinking coffee. It is also possible to check if there are any events taking place at the shop, such as a book signing.

Get dressed up and go to a play

You don’t have to stick with the same old movie and dinner date. Try a local play instead. Even though it isn’t Broadway, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t dress up for a night out on the town.

Take a cooking class

Take a class to learn how to cook a new cuisine. You can prepare a meal for your next date night once you have mastered it.

Visit a Museum

It can be an intimate and powerful experience to admire art together. Seek out after-hours events at your local museum for added romance.

Toast S’mores In Your Backyard

You don’t have to camp in winter! You can toast marshmallows and have a bonfire in your yard while you remember all the great times you shared.