Everything We Know About The Longest Legs In The World Record Holder

There are a lot of very tall people in the world, but if you make it into the Guinness World Records book you know that you are actually the tallest or possess a body part that is exceptionally long. One teen knew that she was tall, but she never expected to hold one, let alone two world records for her height.

Meet Maci Currin

Maci Currin, who hails from the state of Texas had always been one of the tallest kids in her school. Growing up in the city of Cedar Park, life had always seemed pretty normal for Maci, that is until she started to grow noticeably taller. By second grade, Maci was already taller than every student in her class. At 17 years old, Maci is now six foot ten inches tall. All of her friends told her that she was likely one of the tallest women in the world. Maci decided to find out if she was a record holder, and contacted the Guinness World Records team.

Getting Measured

Before Maci could be granted her World Record title, she had to be measured professionally. That meant booking a visit to the doctor and having her legs measured individually, followed by her total height. To ensure that each measurement was correct, Maci saw three separate doctors who took a tape measure to her legs. They all agreed that her left leg is 53.25 inches long, and her right leg is 52.87 inches in length. Once she had her measurements certified, she submitted them to the World Records committee. After mailing them in, she didn’t expect to hear anything else.

In For A Surprise

A few weeks after submitting her measurements, she heard back from the World Records team. They mailed her a packet which contained two certificates, she was now the record holder for two titles. Not only does she have the longest legs for a teenager, but she is also the woman with the longest legs in the world. The World Records team congratulated her, and for now she will retain these two titles.

TikTok Famous

As Maci possesses such a unique physical trait, she decided to use the video sharing platform TikTok as a way to show off her legs and her personality. Her TikTok account has over 2 million followers, and it is a great platform to share her feelings about life and beauty on. She regularly posts inspirational videos about how unique everyone is, and that they should embrace the things that make them different. This is what she has done with her legs, and she often speaks about times when she was bullied, or called a ‘giraffe’ for them. Check out her account to learn more about her.