Female Celebrities with The Best Taste in Fashion

Female celebs never stop to amaze us with their incredible personal style. Their great fashion sense and access to high end brands is what makes their outfits so unique. Let’s go ahead and go through some of the most talked about outfits on social media and also about the ones that never got the buzz they deserved.

Ariana Grande

From oversize hoodies and ball gowns to thigh high boots and her signature ponytail, this young queen makes it work effortlessly. Her fans continue to be mesmerized by her wardrobe picks. Ariana´s fashion choices have created countless searches on her favourite brands, but the hoodies are the ones on the top. This garment is Ariana´s most beloved fashion statement.


Rihanna takes the lead when it comes to fashion, she’s a known trendsetter. She has a bold sense of fashion and is not afraid of taking chances. The fuchsia Saint Laurent dress she wore for her 30th birthday was sold out worldwide and the sales for the Gucci balaclava that she sported on Coachella rose by 19 percent. This goes to show that when she leads, people follow. Now she incorporated clothes from her own clothing line.

Blake Lively

Blake´s style is sleek. She manages to pull anything off whether it’s a tailored suit or a dress. The suit she wore in the movie “A simple favor” inspired over 4000 searches for Ralph Lauren suits.


This talented queen not only graces us with her vocals but also with her forward thinking fashion sense. She has rocked numerous iconic looks in her music videos and live performances that have made fashion history. The custom yellow Balmain cropped hoodie that she wore when headlining in Coachella jump started a 58% rise in searches for Balmain hoodies.

Meghan Markle (The Duchess of Sussex)

The Duchess has a polished yet modern look that contrasts on the more traditional style favored by the royal family. Ever since the “Suits” star married Prince Harry she was catapulted into the international spotlight, meaning that everything she wears is guaranteed to increase the search demand by up to 200% the following week. She is a true fashion influencer.

Kylie Jenner

The Kardashian-Jenner family´s influence is undeniable when it comes to fashion. In 2018 alone, the youngest sister Kylie Jenner has inspired over 2 million searches for the products she sports. For instance, the search for pink dresses increased by 107% only 48hs after she wore one for her birthday. The family´s fashion choices are a reflection of their wealth.