Five Practical Back To School Gifts For Teachers That Will Show Them You Care

Early mornings and long days are typical for the teachers that help shape our children’s minds and futures. However, amidst a global pandemic, their jobs have become ten times harder. Despite chaotic schedules, altered curriculums, and massive adjustments to everyday life, teachers have soldiered on to educate and inspire our kids. While we’ll never be able to express our gratitude adequately, a back-to-school gift goes a long way in showing our appreciation for teachers. Check out these five practical gift ideas to let them know how much you care.

#1 Wireless Earphones

When virtual learning became the new normal, most of us were caught off guard, including teachers. Since the future remains uncertain, getting geared up with the right technology is crucial. 

Wireless earphones make a fantastic gift for teachers. They’re perfect for the e-classroom, staff meetings, and one-on-one sessions. After work, teachers can even crank up the volume and listen to their favorite tunes. 

#2 Daily Planner

Teacher’s lives are ruled by lesson schedules, assessments, and deadlines, so a daily planner is always an excellent gift idea. While it might be somewhat “old-school,” you’ll be surprised at how many still prefer it to a digital calendar or app. Besides adding a personal touch, it offers the practical aspect of writing things down instead of relying on an electronic device. You can find daily planners in all shapes, colors, and sizes, or get one especially made.

#3 Coffee and Chocolate

While we don’t know what powers these superhuman teachers possess, we’re sure that coffee and chocolate always help.

What better way to kickstart a day of blowing young minds than a cup of caffeinated goodness? With its rich aromas and exquisite taste, coffee pairs beautifully with dark chocolate for a gorgeous combo gift.

#4 Scented Candles

Teachers have the amazing ability to keep calm in busy environments. Whether they just need a moment of peace or some relaxing downtime, scented candles are a marvelous gift idea. They can be used before bed or during a soak in the tub, helping a teacher relax, unwind, and prepare for a new day. You’ll find anything from Jasmine and Lavender to Sandalwood and Vanilla scented candles.

#5 Laptop Bag or Purse

Going back to school means more things to carry around. A stylish new laptop bag or purse will come in handy for those always on the go. It’s also a complimentary fashion statement.

However, you’ll need to do your research and find something that suits the teacher’s style. Black, White, or Beige? Big or small? Your options are endless, so you can shop around before making a decision.