New Crafts To Try In 2023

Scrapbooking used to be the most popular hobby anyone could afford. The internet has made it possible to master a variety of creative crafts that have been around for many generations.

What crafts should you try this year? These ideas will challenge you to get out of your comfort zone. Some of these old favorites are rapidly gaining popularity.


Pottery can be a varied practice. Many techniques require you to use your hands which can be very relaxing. If you want to relax and create a piece of functional art, this is the craft for you.
Get started with pottery: Since expensive equipment can be difficult to find, you might consider taking a beginner’s course to learn the basics of the art. You can also buy clay that you can bake in the oven and mold. Another option is air dry clay. This material is easy to work with for at-home projects. You can make tiny things like keychains and jewelry holders, as well as keychains.


Beadworking demands good fine motor skills and excellent eyesight (or glasses). You might find it difficult to make a knot in a chain. If this is you, then working with beads may be a better option. This craft can be very rewarding once you get the hang of it.

This hobby is great for beginners. You will need some thread, beads and a few needles to get started. Find a pattern that you like and start crafting. You can create daisy chains, keychains, and pendants.


Many people start this craft because they can see something that is much more affordable, such as a picnic or flower box. If you are a woman, don’t be discouraged. Although this hobby was once dominated by men, it is time to realize that you can also craft wood objects.

How do you get started? Woodworking, just like other crafts, requires a lot more specialized tools. You can either start with a basic box or birdhouse using only basic tools, or you can register for a beginner’s class. Planter boxes are a popular creation. This hobby can be dangerous if it is not properly taught.

Jewelry Making

This is a very popular craft that can be done in a few hours by going to a local craft shop. This hobby will allow you to save money on jewelry while learning a new skill.

How do I get started? These beginner’s jewelry tutorials can be followed from an internet post. Choose the one that interests you, get all the supplies, and then try it. Although you won’t need many pliers, they are not expensive. You can make your pom earrings just like the ones shown above, rings, pendants and many other things starting now!


Miniatures are a great way to express your creativity. You can build dollhouses or paint miniatures. If you feel uninspired or looking to rekindle your playful side, this craft is for you.

Steps to get started: First, decide what kind of world you want to build with miniatures. You can either collect them or build them yourself. Next, begin to assemble your collection piece by piece.

Candle Making & Soap Making

Besides the many aromatherapy advantages, this hobby will allow you to develop new combinations as well as recipes for soaps or candles. If you enjoy giving small trinkets to loved ones, or if you want to start your own business, this is a great hobby.

Start with simple recipes that require only two or three ingredients. You might find ingredients in some soaps or candles that you already own.


This heirloom hobby has been passed on for generations. Many people can attest that they have sweaters their grandmothers gave them. Knitting is much more fun and fashionable than ever. There are many more patterns to follow and gorgeous yarn options to choose from. If you are looking to develop your fashion design skills, this is the perfect way to start. You can also make socks and scarves, hats, and other accessories.

How do I get started? Join a knitting group to attend a session. These groups often offer lessons for beginners, and may even lend you needles to help you learn the craft.