Fun First Week of School Traditions

When it’s that time of the year again, there won’t be any warm embraces at the classroom door. You won’t see any hugs or handshakes of old school friends reuniting on the playground, either. Even so, in these strange and uncertain times, it’s up to us parents to get our kids excited for the new school year. It’s still a milestone that deserves a celebration – whether your children are studying online, at the kitchen table, or in the classroom. With the fun traditions below, you’ll remind your kids that it’s a special time to soothe their nerves and encourage them to take on the new academic year with confidence.

#1 Give Them a Goody Bag  

Granted, it might not be as glamorous as Christmas or Birthday gifts, but a goody bag is a brilliant way to surprise the kids on their first days of school. You can still add loads of fun little treats, school supplies, and even a personalized present. 

If you want something different, you could take inspiration from the German tradition where parents give their children a cone-shaped goody bag, known as a Schultüte. All you need is some poster board rolled into a cone and secured with tape or glue. Get creative and decorate it with stickers, paint, or glitter – anything goes.  

#2 Paint Self-Portraits

After school, set up some mirrors, canvasses, and art supplies. Get the whole family involved and spend the afternoon painting self-portraits. It’s not only amazing quality time with the kids, but it’s also a terrific way to mark the new school season. This time next year, do it again and compare the two sets. You’ll see how looks and skills have changed over time and take a sneak peek into your kids’ imaginations.

Incorporate this tradition annually, and when your children are ready for college one day, you’ll have yearly self-portraits as beautiful keepsakes. You could even have a particular wall dedicated to these works of art. Who knows? You might even have a little Picasso in the making.

#3 Host Your Own School-Spirit Days

Make the first week of school interesting with school-spirit days at home. Get the kids to write down themes on scraps of paper and pull one from a hat or let them take turns to decide. This is a wonderful tradition to incorporate regularly. It’ll raise your children’s spirits and have them looking forward to the next one.  

You could host a “backward-day” where dinner is served for breakfast, or a color theme with food, clothes, and stories all centered around one hue. Other ideas include baking or sports days. You might even get to sneak in some household chores.