Genius Beauty Hacks for the Girl on the Go

In this day and age, we don’t always have time to spend hours on our appearance. Looking fab and flawless while juggling a career, studies, family, and relationships can prove challenging at the most inopportune moment.  Before resigning yourself to a hot mess, check out these genius beauty hacks. They’ll save you time, money, effort and, best of all – you’ll look like you spent ages in front of the mirror.

#1 One-Lipstick Trick

We all have those days where we’re running late, or we just couldn’t be bothered with the entire make-up regime. When that’s the case, all you need is lipstick. Use it to add some color to your cheekbones, lips, and eyes.

Pick a shade that’s not too vibrant, and that compliments your skin tone. Swipe it across the key areas mentioned above and blend it in to create a gorgeous, natural-looking glow

#2 Eyes on Fleek

You know how it goes. Time’s running out, but you need to get the winged-liner perfect on both sides. Your hand-eye coordination let you down again, and it doesn’t help you’re in a rush, either. Now you’re contemplating whether to remove all of it and start over, but that’ll just take longer. So, what should you do about this dilemma? 

The solution is simple: use a Q-tip or cotton swab with just a touch of petroleum jelly to tidy up uneven lines or flicks. It’s much easier to do it this way than to spend ages trying to perfect the ultimate cat-eye.

#3 Like Day and Night

Going out tonight and don’t have time to redo your day make-up? Then this is the hack for you. Quickly transform your daytime look into something more elegant for the evening.

With a cotton swab or Q-tip, you can smudge up your liner to create a sultry, smokey eye. Next, give your lips a pop of color, and you’re good to go. 

#4 Stick it in a Bun and Leave it

If you’re simply too busy or exhausted to give your hair a blowout after washing it, then this quick trick will come in handy. 

Twist your hair into a low-hanging bun, secure it with a clip, and carry on with life. Once it’s dry, gently release it. Run your fingers through from root to tip, separating any clumped-up tendrils, and voila! Fresh, effortless waves.

#5 The Two-Pencil Problem-Solver

Running late? Grab a black pencil and apply a thin line on your upper lash lines. Next, use a nude color to line your inner rim or waterline. This hack brightens your eyes and makes them seem bigger. It’s perfect for when you’re in a pickle.