How To Know If It’s Time To Get New Makeup

Purchasing makeup isn’t a quick task for most ladies. It takes time to find the right colors that match your skin tone. Similarly, finding foundation and concealer products with the right tone and texture can be arduous. Price is an additional factor. 

Good quality makeup from a reputable brand is expensive. Sadly, more natural products and those not tested on animals are even pricier. Most people are hesitant to get rid of expired products and replace them due to the cost, time, and effort it takes. Still, whether you’re a makeup connoisseur or just the average Jane with a few essential items, getting new makeup is something we all have to do.

Why Should Makeup Be Replaced?

The first and most obvious reason is that the quality deteriorates over time. This is especially true when it comes to liquid products that tend to develop lumps or thicken. Once an item changes texture, it’s probably best to discard it. Let’s be honest, unless you’re a professional, you probably don’t wash and clean your makeup tools after every single use. 

However, old and worn out brushes, sponges, and other articles are breeding grounds for bacteria. It’s a good idea to regularly take stock of your cosmetic kit and dump anything past its prime.

When Should Makeup Be Discarded? 

Texture changes, loss of effectiveness, and flaking are all clear indications that it’s time for a makeup purge.  At this point, the products are most likely beyond expiration. 

Each beauty item has an approximate shelf life, which is generally displayed on the label. When you go cosmetic shopping, be sure to check how long a product ought to last.


Mascara can be used for roughly three months after opening. The exposure to air changes the texture rather quickly. 

While tempting, trying to soften the dried out product isn’t recommended, and it doesn’t really work either. In addition, using mascara for longer than three or four months could give you an eye infection. 

Liquid Cosmetics 

Liquid and cream-based cosmetics such as foundation, concealer eyeshadow, and gel liners are safe for six months. You’ll usually notice the change in the quality of these products after this period.

Lipsticks and Powders

Powder varieties of eyeshadow, blush, and bronzers have the most extended shelf life. Lipstick falls into this category as well. You can use these beauty essentials for up to two years before they’ll need replacing.

Tips For Getting The Maximum Shelf Life 

Here are three crucial tips to keep your beauty products in good condition:

  • Ensure that your brushes, sponges, or applicators are kept clean before and after each use.
  • Don’t share makeup with friends or family.
  • Store your makeup in a dry environment out of direct sunlight.