Is Puppy Yoga the Best Type Of Yoga Or Is It Controversial?

Although humans may have been the first to introduce yoga to the public, our dogs have been practicing the foundational poses of yoga since before the dawn of time.
Take a look at your dog during its morning walk.
Straight legs, straight arms, with buns in the air. It’s not the down-dog, after all.It shouldn’t surprise that yoga’s newest craze is the adorable little dogs. You heard it right, puppies!

Yoga’s delightful style is melting hearts. Many yogis are excited to share their mats with their fluffy friends in puppy yoga classes.
This is not all. We’ll share the power of pet yoga with you, and some easy poses that you can do at home for your dog.

What’s Puppy yoga?

You’re right if you imagine a bunch of puppies laying on their backs and licking your nose in a mid-bridge pose.
Puppy yoga is a playful variation of Doga or Doga. It involves young dogs running around and doing simple poses such as Savasana or even puppy poses.
Puppy yoga is not just another wellness trend. It has many health benefits both for humans and canines.

What benefits does Puppy yoga bring?
While we don’t have to be puppy moms, it is good for our health to get involved with dogs.
Pet yoga can be done with your dog, whether they are laying beside you in the morning, or cuddling up to you in Savasana. It is proven to reduce stress and improve health.
Mental health can be improved studies have shown that yoga can improve mental health by reducing anxiety, stress, and depression symptoms. Add a dog to the mix and you have great practice. It’s simple maths.
A puppy can motivate, relax, and even make you laugh, so you’ll be a millionaire in a matter of minutes. The power of dog love!

Lower blood pressure
Doga, just like yoga, can have a profound impact on our physical and mental health.
Daily exercise combined with the endorphins from playing with pets can help reduce stress and high blood pressure.

Hyperactivity can be soothed

Although yoga is a great way to improve our mental and physical health it can also be a great option for our furry friends.
Regular yoga can be a great way to calm anxious and hyperactive dogs.
A few simple poses can help to burn off some energy, while gently stretching and massages can calm busy minds.
Some pups can even fall asleep during relaxation sessions.

Teachers have faith
Pet yoga can also be a great way to build trust and strengthen a relationship with your pet!
Dog yoga classes are often done with your pet. It teaches you how to work together with your dog and how to complete the poses.
Your pet will flow from one asana into the next using verbal prompts.
This activity builds trust and appreciation with your puppy partner.