Meet the Adorable Kitten With White Eyebrows

What’s cuter than a fluffy kitty cat? One with eyebrows on fleek, of course. Cornelius Cornbread, a 4-year old feline, became a viral sensation after fans fell in love with his uniquely adorable features.  As a kitten, a look of hair between his eyes and ears resulted in what looks like a pair of perfectly shaped white eyebrows. With his silky coat of black fur and two big yellow gemstone eyes, it’s easy to see how he has captivated the internet.

A Fine Young Furball

Sporting a bowtie, Cornelius looks dapper and sophisticated. His Instagram fans are particularly fond of his clothing accessory shoots, with one pic garnering over a 1,000 likes.

He loves the camera and demands to be the center of attention, says his owner, Karen Mellette. In photos, he even appears to know precisely what he’s doing. In some, he looks like an intelligent gentle-cat in deep thought, while in others, he’s all playful and curious.

Not Your Typical Diva

He’s not your average superstar, though. While Cornelius might have eyebrows rivaling those of Demi Lovato or Cara Delevingne, this celeb cat is actually quite the worrywart. According to Karen, he’s intuitive and picks up on her emotions. If she’s sad or distressed, Cornelius knows it. He’s also forever concerned about his other furry family members. 

When Duke, Cornelius’ little Shih Tzu brother, is out barking at a squirrel or the postal service people, the celebrity cat is immediately there to investigate. When another feline is hacking up a furball, you’ll find him there too, making sure his buddies are okay.

A Tale of Destiny and Happy Endings

Cornelius came into Karen’s life while she was still coming to terms with the loss of her cat, Inky, who passed away. One day, being a man with a big heart, her husband brought home some Bombay kittens he’d rescued. From Nashville, Tennessee, the couple aptly named them after country dishes – Cornbread, Beans, and Coleslaw.

They’d had their eye on Beans, but as it turns out, it was Cornbread who stole their hearts instead. Karen recalled how he pranced right up to her, showing off his cat-skills. Next thing she knew, he was in her arms. That moment sealed the deal for both of them.

First Impressions

Karen says that the insta-famous cat has always had a big personality. As a kitten, he would be zooming around, showing off his latest ninja moves. These include flying leaps over his litter box, knocking his toys over and prancing back to her – all within minutes. Nowadays, the star feline enjoys the quiet celeb life. He still regularly posts on Instagram, though.