Products For Back-to-School Lunch Ideas

When it’s time for the kids to go back to school, things can get a little crazy. Making sure your tots (or teenagers) are getting healthy, delicious meals during the day shouldn’t add to your stress. With these product ideas, you can plan in advance, all while having peace of mind that your kids are getting sufficient nutritional value out of their school lunches.

#1 Stock Up on Granola Bars

Society is slowly but surely becoming more health-conscious. Gone are the days when everything on the grocery store shelves was loaded with sugar and other harmful ingredients. 

Nowadays, there are healthier alternatives available. You can give your children delicious treats while sneaking in some crucial nutrition. Granola Bars are an excellent example. They come in various flavors, and some brands even contain probiotics, vitamins, and minerals.

#2 Swap Out Soda for Sparkling Water

While soda has become a staple in homes across the world, the negative effects far outweigh any benefits. Leave regular soda on the shelf and opt for something that’s still tasty, but way healthier.

Sparkling water is a fantastic option. Most brands contain less than half the sugar compared to other sodas while still offering a cool, refreshing drink. Pack it into the lunchbox instead – your kids will thank you.

#3 Pre-Cooked Meals

Sometimes life gets extremely busy, and you find yourself with hardly any time to breathe, let alone think about school lunches for tomorrow. In situations like this, a wholesome, pre-cooked meal makes for a brilliant alternative. 

We’re not talking about those bland, frozen meals, either. Nutritionally-rich options have exploded onto the scene with amazing meals to suit even the fussiest eater. Stock up on a few of these for emergencies or when you’re just too exhausted.

#4 High-Protein Cookies

Instead of traditional cookies, you can supplement your kids’ school lunches with some awesome high-protein alternatives. Some brands have completely plant-based options that are free of additives, gluten, GMOs, and dairy – all while packing in the protein.  This is a terrific option for kids that are prone to allergies, vegans, and keto lifestyles.

These kinds of cookies also come in assorted flavors and styles. You’ll find everything from sandwich creme cookies, chocolate chip, blueberry, and loads more. Do your research, though – read and compare labels so that you understand precisely what these snacks offer your child in nutritional value.

#5 Ice-Cream Cups

Ice-cream is a special treat reserved for weekends and holidays, right? Wrong! You’ll find guilt-free versions of this mouth-watering dessert in numerous flavors.

This means less fat, sugar, and calories, with more protein, antioxidants, and other healthy ingredients. It’s an ideal delicious treat for your kids’ school lunches.