Self-Care Priorities For Women

Are you planning on completely reshaping the year 2022? Okay, we’re listening! After three years in this “COVID world,” we deserve better. When it comes to self-care, did the pandemic change women’s priorities for self-care?

For the first Care Factor Survey, Marie claire & Dove teamed up to ask over seven hundred women. In this article, women discuss the three most important self-care priorities they have set for themselves in 2022. And even the strategies they plan to use to achieve these goals.

Maintain a healthy lifestyle

There’s a good reason why 73% of those polled list improving their health as one of their 2022 goals. Numerous obstacles have arisen during the last three years, threatening our health, happiness, and prosperity on all fronts. One in 5 Australians between the ages of 16 and 34 reported severe or very severe levels of psychological discomfort, according to the most recent census statistics.   Even one nutritious meal is preferable to none. It’s preferable to limit one’s alcohol consumption. Further, even little adjustments may have a significant influence when it comes to establishing new, healthy routines.

Rediscover your interests

Work and duties sometimes stand in the way of our interests and pursuits. But if there’s one thing that COVID taught us, it is to take advantage of any opportunity that comes our way. Almost half of those surveyed for the Care Factor responded that ‘rediscovering passions’ will be one of their main focuses next year.

If you are feeling down and out, giving yourself time to pursue interests you formerly had or discover new ones will help. Allow yourself time to reflect on the question, “What helps me feel the most like myself?” ”In what ways do I feel really happy?” And then make use of that focus…

Invest in good relationships.

Having healthy connections is crucial to maintaining good mental health. The company you keep significantly impacts your life since humans are social animals. In light of this, it is hardly surprising that 47% of respondents to the study said they want to put more effort into cultivating positive relationships in 2022. The Mental Health Foundation has found that people with strong relationships with others tend to have better overall health. Be it friends, family, or neighbors. Most Australians were unable to spend much time with their loved ones in 2020-21 as they would have liked, so now is the time to cultivate the bonds that bring us joy!

These are just the three self-care priorities shared most by the participants. However, the choices may differ from person to person. Do you see yourself making any of these your self-care priorities?