The Emu that got viral

We already know that the internet can be so entertaining and addicting. Even more when we start watching videos, as the platform Tik Tok offers, and we get to find animals interacting with others or humans. 

This is the case of Emmanuel, an emu that keeps interrupting his owner’s TikTok videos. The humorous clip has amassed over 21 million views since it first went viral. Taylor Blake, a staff member of Knuckle Bump Farms in South Florida, captured the video.

Taylor, a Knuckle Bump Farms animal caretaker, can be seen attempting to record a few instructional videos. However, a cute emu by the name of Emmanuel keeps interrupting them.

She warns the bird to quit interfering with a lovely but dissimulated smile on her face. However, the bird keeps doing it and seems to be enjoying itself and even once drops the camera and pokes it with its beak. 

On her TikTok account, Blake first shared the collection of videos documenting Emmanuel’s interruptions. However, it gained further attention after an user tweeted about it. In just three days since going online, it has received almost 21 million views, 827.3K likes, and 183.7K retweets.

Users from the platform loved them and expressed it through the comments. One person commented that the video is just delightful to watch, and another that it brightened her day. Blake was urged to continue posting more of these by a third user.