Your dog will thank you if you take him to these dog parks

Dogs are loyal, fun and bring so much joy to our lives. Taking them for walks is fundamental and can be much fun. Did you know that there are special parks that have been designed with dogs in mind? Check out these 5 incredible dog parks scattered across the globe!

Pawsway – Toronto, Canada

You can go out on a playdate with your pupper and then go grab a bite to eat together. At Pawsway in Canada, you can let your dog run loose in over 3700 feet of park built within this dog friendly building. After they have played to their heart’s content, you can both go to the indoor restaurant and eat dinner. Food is made for both humans and dogs. What a fun date to go out with your best friend!

Dog Wood Park – Jacksonville, Florida

Dog walks don’t have to be a repetitive or a boring routine, they can be adventurous and fun. Dog Walk Park in Jacksonville, Florida is the ultimate place to go. This is an incredible 42 acre park where your dog will never run short of places to discover and sniff around. If you wish for a more organized experience, the park offers 10 miles worth of trails, lakes and training features for you. A tired dog is a happy dog!

Hawthorne Canal Reserve – New South Wales, Australia

If you happen to be in New South Wales, Australia with your dog and you are looking for a park to take them, you are in luck! Hawthorne Canal Reserve is an off-leash dog-friendly reserve and is open 24/7. Dogs and owners use this place to exercise and socialize. The reserve has its own Cafe Bones, where you can go with your doggo to rest and eat a delicious meal to regain strength.

Beneful Dream Dog Park – Alabaster, Alabama

This is a special park for all of those doggies that love to play in the water! The Beneful Dream Dog Park is a splash park that has countless splash pads for the dogs to enjoy. You will need to bring a towel with you to dry your pup before going home though! There is also a huge space the size of a football field designed for dogs to play with each other. Throw a ball and watch them go crazy!

Resort Canino Can Jané – Roca Del Vallès, Spain

Here we bring you another cool water amusement park for dogs located in Spain. The Resort Canin Can Jané near Barcelona provides water slides, paddle boards, kayaks and wave pools for the enjoyment of both dogs and their owners. It also has a pet-friendly hotel and a restaurant making it the perfect vacation destination. You can enjoy all of these fun water activities with your furry friend and make some of the best memories together.